3 Procedures from a Cosmetic Dentist

3 Procedures from a Cosmetic Dentist from Jim Dimitri Grammas DDS in Orange, CAYour cosmetic dentist can renew your smile and improve your self-esteem. The right treatments can also improve your dental functions. Specific procedures can give you the corrections that you need. Here are the three main procedures that your cosmetic dentist can provide.

1. Dental veneers

A cosmetic dentist can provide custom-fit composite resin or porcelain shells that can cover the imperfections of teeth. Veneers can help misshapen, chipped, or stained teeth. These restorations are often for cosmetic purposes. Yet, in some cases, these thin shells can be part of gum disease treatment.

Porcelain or cosmetic veneers need more than one dental visit. Composite resin veneers need one dental appointment. The cosmetic dentist will order dental X-rays and clean the patient’s teeth. Treating any cavities will come next.

The dentist will shave off a thin layer of the enamel. This will provide enough space for the veneers. It will also roughen the surface, making the bond between the tooth and the shells stronger. The cosmetic dentist will need to take dental impressions for porcelain or ceramic veneers before and after shaving off a thin layer of enamel. The impressions will help the dental lab create custom shells.

The dental lab will need up to two weeks to create the veneers. The cosmetic dentist will give the patient temporary veneers. Once the shells are ready, the dentist will glue them to the treated teeth. A curing light will harden the glue. The dentist will then shape the shells and polish them. Doing so will allow the veneers to blend with the natural teeth.

2. Teeth whitening

A cosmetic dentist can provide this treatment for stain removal and teeth brightening. The patient can walk into the clinic and get the treatment for about an hour. Many people say that this treatment is worth the time and money. Years of consuming colored drinks and foods can discolor teeth. Consuming tobacco can also do the same.

A cosmetic dentist can perform vital and non-vital teeth whitening treatments. Vital whitening is for healthy and living teeth. Non-vital whitening is for teeth that have root canal treatment or teeth that do not have live nerves. Even if there are over-the-counter teeth whitening products, they take a long time to take effect. Many people even say that they are not effective at all. Some of these products even have harsh chemicals.

3. Dental bonding

This treatment involves putting tooth-colored resin on a tooth that has chipping, fractures, or discoloration. The cosmetic dentist can perform this treatment in one dental visit. Research shows that this is the easiest procedure that can improve a smile. Dental bonding can change the shape and color of teeth. It can also close dental gaps. Some dentists can use this treatment to protect the dental roots that gum recession exposes.

The cosmetic dentist will roughen the surface of the target teeth with a gel or solution. Doing so can help the bonding material attach better to the tooth. Applying the tooth-colored resin on the tooth comes next. A curing light will harden the resin material. Shaping and polishing the resin will follow.

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Your cosmetic dentist can provide procedures that can improve your dental and general health

Dental damage, staining, or disease can change the appearance and function of your teeth. Repairing these problems is possible with the help of a trained and experienced dental care provider. A cosmetic dentist can suggest any of the mentioned procedures that can help you the most. Working with your dentist can even maintain the results for many years.

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